International Beer Challenge 2016

Rewarding Quality, Celebrating Excellence

Entry Deadlines

JAN 22 Entries Open 22 JANUARY 2016

MAY 27 Entries Deadline 27 MAY 2016

JUNE 17 Bottle Deadlines 17 JUNE 2016

JULY 21 Judging Begins 21 JULY 2016

Previous Winners

2013 Winners

The International Beer Challenge awards Gold, Silver & Bronze awards with the highest scoring beer in each of 7 categories being awarded the category trophy.

Previous Winners

View 2013 Design and Packaging Winners.

Trophy Winners:

Category Brand Name
Best Ale above 5% Hawthorn Australian IPA
Best Ale up to 5% Salopian Oracle
Best Design & Packaging Range Sharp's Connoisseurs Choice
Best Established Design & Packaging Sharp's Quadrupel Ale
Best Fruit Beer Marks & Spencer Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer
Best Lager above 5% Samuel Adams Double Bock
Best Lager up to 5% Baltika Yarpivo Two Hops
Best NABLAB Kross 2,4
Best New Design & Packaging Septem ACE
Best Speciality Beer Redoak Special Reserve
Best Stout or Porter Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout
Best Wheat Beer Baltika No. 8 Wheat
Supreme Champion Redoak Special Reserve
Supreme Champion Design & Packaging Sharp's Connoisseurs Choice

Medal Winners:

Medal Category Brand Name
Gold Ales 4 Pines Pale Ale
Gold Ales Butcombe Adam Henson's Rare Breed
Gold Ales Collesi Imper Ale Nera
Gold Ales Greene King IPA Reserve
Gold Ales Hawthorn Australian IPA
Gold Ales Marks & Spencer Belgian Bruin
Gold Ales Oakham Bishops Farewell
Gold Ales Oakham Citra
Gold Ales Oakham Marks & Spencer Cambridgeshire Golden Ale
Gold Ales Purple Moose Ysgawen
Gold Ales Redoak Bitter
Gold Ales Redoak Old Ale
Gold Ales Redoak St Nicholas
Gold Ales Salopian Oracle
Gold Ales Samuel Adams Tasman Red
Gold Ales Septem Friday's Pale Ale
Gold Fruit Beers Marks & Spencer Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer
Gold Lagers Baltika Yarpivo Two Hops
Gold Lagers Loscher Pils
Gold Lagers Marks & Spencer Scottish Craft Lager
Gold Lagers Samuel Adams Double Bock
Gold Speciality Arbor Breakfast Stout
Gold Speciality Cave Creek Chili Beer
Gold Speciality Franciscan Well Jameson Stout
Gold Speciality Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18
Gold Speciality McCashin's Stoke Bomber Smoky Ale
Gold Speciality Redoak Special Reserve
Gold Speciality Samuel Adams Tetravis
Gold Speciality Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour Stout
Gold Speciality Samuel Adams Utopias 2011
Gold Speciality Samuel Adams Utopias 2012
Gold Stouts and Porters Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout
Gold Stouts and Porters Harveys Prince of Denmark
Gold Stouts and Porters Harviestoun Old Engine Oil
Gold Stouts and Porters McCashin's Stoke Bomber Oatmeal Stout
Gold Wheat Beers Baltika No. 8 Wheat
Gold Wheat Beers Blanche de Namur
Gold Wheat Beers Redoak Weizen Doppel Bock
Silver Ales Ampleforth Abbey Beer
Silver Ales Arran Dark
Silver Ales Banks's Sunbeam
Silver Ales Bierland Pale Ale
Silver Ales Blue Monkey Ape Ale
Silver Ales Crouch Vale Marks & Spencer Brewers Gold
Silver Ales Cumbrian Legendary Ales Pacific Voyage
Silver Ales Fyne Jarl
Silver Ales Fyne Sanda Blonde IPA
Silver Ales Greene King IPA Gold
Silver Ales Harveys Lewes Castle Brown Ale
Silver Ales Harveys Tom Paine
Silver Ales Hook Norton Haymaker
Silver Ales Hook Norton Twelve Days
Silver Ales Huyghe Delirium Tremens
Silver Ales Huyghe La Guillotine
Silver Ales Kross Lupulus
Silver Ales Marks & Spencer Belgian Tripel
Silver Ales Marks & Spencer Citra IPA
Silver Ales McCashin's Stoke Bomber KPA
Silver Ales McCashin's Stoke Dark
Silver Ales Moretti Grand Cru
Silver Ales Purity Pure Gold
Silver Ales Purity Pure UBU
Silver Ales Redoak IPA
Silver Ales Redoak Saison
SIlver Ales Samuel Adams Hazel Brown
Silver Ales Samuel Adams Irish Red
Silver Ales Samuel Adams Latitude 48
Silver Ales Samuel Adams Longshot Magnificent Seven
Silver Ales Samuel Adams New World Tripel
Silver Ales Samuel Adams Norse Legend
SIlver Ales Samuel Adams White Water IPA
Silver Ales Septem ACE
Silver Ales Sharp's Quadrupel Ale
Silver Ales Stewart Hollyrood
Silver Ales Stewart Radical Road
Silver Ales Taste the Difference IPA
Silver Ales Thornbridge Jaipur
Silver Ales Thornbridge Kipling
Silver Ales Wadworth Red White & Brew
Silver Ales Wild Epic Saison
Silver Ales Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody's Country Ale
Silver Fruit Beers Floris Kriek
Silver Lagers Asahi The Extra
Silver Lagers Bamberg Maibaum
Silver Lagers Cass Fresh
Silver Lagers Damm Keler 18
Silver Lagers Damm Voll-Damm
Silver Lagers Farsons Cisk Lager
Silver Lagers Gambrinus Superior
Silver Lagers Hijos de Rivera 1906 Red Vintage La Colorada
Silver Lagers Hoepfner Jubelbier
Silver Lagers Hoepfner Pilsner
Silver Lagers Kirin Ichiban
Silver Lagers Ksiazece Ciemne Lagodne
Silver Lagers Loscher Premium Pils
Silver Lagers Moscow Zhiguli Barnoe
Silver Lagers Redoak Doppel Schwartz
Silver Lagers Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL
Silver Lagers Samuel Adams Noble Pils
Silver Lagers Taste the Difference Scottish Craft Lager
Silver Lagers Turbacci Quinn
Silver Lagers Viru Premium
Silver Lagers Whitewater Belfast Lager
Silver NABLABS Kross 2,4
Silver NABLABS Manns Brown Ale
Silver Speciality Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish
Silver Speciality Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask
Silver Speciality Redoak Château Sour
Silver Speciality Samuel Adams Black & Brew
Silver Speciality Samuel Adams Cinder Bock
Silver Speciality Samuel Adams Griffin's Bow
Silver Speciality Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Silver Speciality Septem Sunday's Honey Golden Ale
Silver Speciality Sharp's Cornish Pilsner
Silver Speciality St Austell Smugglers Grand Cru
Silver Speciality Stewart Black IPA
Silver Speciality Tatton Lazy Haze
Silver Stouts and Porters Anspach and Hobday Porter
Silver Stouts and Porters Belhaven Scottish Stout
Silver Stouts and Porters Bierland Imperial Stout
Silver Stouts and Porters Cairngorm Black Gold
Silver Stouts and Porters Kross Stout
Silver Stouts and Porters Samuel Adams Cream Stout
Silver Stouts and Porters WharfeBank Yorkshire Stout
Silver Wheat Beers Redoak All Day Breakfast
Silver Wheat Beers Weihenstephaner Hefe Weiss
Silver Wheat Beers Weihenstephaner Vitus
Bronze Ales Adnams Southwold Summer Beer
Bronze Ales Baltika Celebration Pale Ale
Bronze Ales Baltika Old Bobby
Bronze Ales Banks's Bitter
Bronze Ales Banks's Mild
Bronze Ales Bierland Blumenau
Bronze Ales Brasserie des Sources Bellerose
Bronze Ales Butcombe Gold
Bronze Ales CAP Endless Vacation
Bronze Ales Collesi Imper Ale Rossa
Bronze Ales Courage Directors
Bronze Ales Dante
Bronze Ales Doppio Malto Mahogany IPA
Bronze Ales Doppio Malto Noel Blanche
Bronze Ales Everards Tiger Best Bitter
Bronze Ales Franciscan Well IPA
Bronze Ales Fyne Hurricane Jack
Bronze Ales Fyne Superior IPA
Bronze Ales Greene King IPA
Bronze Ales Greene King Yardbird
Bronze Ales Harveys Christmas Ale
Bronze Ales Harveys Elizabethan Ale
Bronze Ales Hook Norton Hooky Gold
Bronze Ales Hook Norton Old Hooky
Bronze Ales Jennings Bitter
Bronze Ales Jennings Sneck Lifter
Bronze Ales Joseph Holt Bitter
Bronze Ales Joseph Holt Manchester Brown Ale
Bronze Ales Joseph Holt Two Hoots
Bronze Ales Liberation Ale
Bronze Ales Marks & Spencer Belgian Blond Beer
Bronze Ales Marks & Spencer Norfolk Bitter
Bronze Ales Marks & Spencer Sussex Golden Ale
Bronze Ales Marks & Spencer Welsh Golden Ale
Bronze Ales McCashin's Stoke Amber
Bronze Ales Moorhouse's Black Cat
Bronze Ales Moorhouse's Pride of Pendle
Bronze Ales Moretti Doppio Malto
Bronze Ales Morland Old Speckled Hen
Bronze Ales Oakham Inferno
Bronze Ales Oakham Scarlet Macaw
Bronze Ales Okell's Dr Okells IPA
Bronze Ales Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose
Bronze Ales Sambrook's Junction
Bronze Ales Sambrook's Pumphouse Pale Ale
Bronze Ales Sambrook's Wandle
Bronze Ales Samuel Adams New Albion Ale
Bronze Ales Samuel Adams Third Voyage
Bronze Ales Sharp's Single Brew Reserve 2012
Bronze Ales Shepherd Neame Canterbury Jack
Bronze Ales Shepherd Neame Spitfire
Bronze Ales Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay
Bronze Ales St Austell Cardinal Syn
Bronze Ales St Austell Cornish IPA
Bronze Ales St Austell Proper Job
Bronze Ales St Austell Tribute
Bronze Ales St Stefanus Blonde
Bronze Ales Stewart Edinburgh Gold
Bronze Ales Stringers Furness Abbey
Bronze Ales Taste the Difference Pale Ale
Bronze Ales Theresianer Unfiltered IPA
Bronze Ales Thwaites Nutty Black
Bronze Ales Wells Bombardier
Bronze Ales WharfeBank Yorkshire SPA
Bronze Ales Whitewater Clotworthy Dobbin
Bronze Ales Whitewater Hopplehammer
Bronze Ales Wincle Mr Mullins
Bronze Fruit Beers Redoak Blackberry Wheat Beer
Bronze Fruit Beers Redoak Framboise Lambic
Bronze Lagers Aktien Landbier
Bronze Lagers Aldi Galahad Premium Lager
Bronze Lagers Aldi Steinhauser German Lager
Bronze Lagers Baltika No. 4 Original
Bronze Lagers Baltika Zatecky Gus Cerny
Bronze Lagers Bamberg Camila Camila
Bronze Lagers Bamberg Schwarzbier
Bronze Lagers Batemans B Bock
Bronze Lagers Bierland Bock
Bronze Lagers Bucanero Palma Crystal
Bronze Lagers Cafri
Bronze Lagers Cass Light
Bronze Lagers DAB
Bronze Lagers Damm Bock-Damm
Bronze Lagers Efes Pilsner
Bronze Lagers Faust Pils Naturtrüb
Bronze Lagers Harare Golden Pilsener
Bronze Lagers Hijos de Rivera 1906 Reserva
Bronze Lagers Hite
Bronze Lagers Hite Max
Bronze Lagers Joseph Holt Crystal Gold Lager
Bronze Lagers Krinitsa Strajitnae
Bronze Lagers Kross Maibock
Bronze Lagers Kross Pilsner
Bronze Lagers Ksiazece Jasne Ryzowe
Bronze Lagers Maluti Premium Lager
Bronze Lagers McCashin's Stoke Bomber Biscuit Lager
Bronze Lagers McCashin's Stoke Lager
Bronze Lagers McCashins Stoke Pilsner
Bronze Lagers Moretti La Rossa
Bronze Lagers Moscow Khamovniki Munhenskoe
Bronze Lagers Moscow Khamovniki Pilzenskoe
Bronze Lagers Nile Eagle Lager Dark
Bronze Lagers Nile Special Lager
Bronze Lagers Peroni
Bronze Lagers Peroni Doppio Malto
Bronze Lagers Peroni Peroncino
Bronze Lagers Peroni Rossa
Bronze Lagers Puerto Rico Magna Special Craft
Bronze Lagers Samuel Adams Black Lager
Bronze Lagers Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Bronze Lagers Septem Monday's Pilsner
Bronze Lagers St Austell Korev
Bronze Lagers Tyskie Klasyczne
Bronze NABLABS Adnams Southwold 2.7%
Bronze NABLABS Clausthaler Classic
Bronze NABLABS Moretti Zero
Bronze Speciality Bamberg Rauchbier
Bronze Speciality Batemans Mocha
Bronze Speciality Brasserie des Sources Estaminet
Bronze Speciality Fyne Sanda Black IPA
Bronze Speciality Green's Dark Ale
Bronze Speciality Greene King Old Crafty Hen
Bronze Speciality Joseph Holt Humdinger
Bronze Speciality Joseph Holt Maple Gold
Bronze Speciality Joseph Holt Maplemoon
Bronze Speciality Kross 5
Bronze Speciality Marks & Spencer Scottish Heather Honey Beer
Bronze Speciality O'Hanlon's Diablo
Bronze Speciality Okell's Aile
Bronze Speciality Samuel Adams Fat Jack
Bronze Speciality Samuel Adams Honey Porter
Bronze Speciality Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red
Bronze Speciality Sharp's Chalky's Bark
Bronze Speciality St Austell Smugglers Vintage Ale
Bronze Speciality Wild Modus Operandi
Bronze Speciality Wild Ninkasi
Bronze Stouts and Porters Baltika No. 6 Porter
Bronze Stouts and Porters Fyne Sublime Stout
Bronze Stouts and Porters Marks & Spencer London Porter
Bronze Stouts and Porters Redoak Baltic Porter
Bronze Stouts and Porters Samuel Adams Holiday Porter
Bronze Stouts and Porters Septem Saturday's Porter
Bronze Stouts and Porters Shepherd Neame Double Stout
Bronze Stouts and Porters Stringers Mutiny
Bronze Stouts and Porters Valscura Porter
Bronze Wheat Beers Arran Blonde
Bronze Wheat Beers Hoepfner Hefeweizen
Bronze Wheat Beers Krisazece Ztote Pszeniczne
Bronze Wheat Beers Maisel's Original
Bronze Wheat Beers Marks & Spencer Belgian Wheat Beer
Bronze Wheat Beers Okells Mac Lir
Bronze Wheat Beers Samuel Adams Veloren
Bronze Wheat Beers St Austell Clouded Yellow
Bronze Wheat Beers Tatton White Queen
Bronze Wheat Beers Weihenstephaner Dunkel Weiss

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Design and Package Medal Winners

Medal Category Brand Name
Gold Established Samuel Adams Utopias 2012
Gold Established Sharp's Quadrupel Ale
Gold New Septem ACE
Gold New Shepherd Neame IPA
Gold Range Sharp's Connoisseurs Choice
Silver Established Brasserie des Sources Bellerose
Silver Established Maluti Premium Lager
Silver Established Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red
Silver Established Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour Stout
Silver Established Samuel Adams Utopias 2011
Silver Established Viru Premium
Silver New Ballistic Brewing (series)
Silver New Brasserie des Sources Estaminet
Silver New Efes Draft
Silver New Ksiazece Ciemne Lagodne
Silver New Mac Mahon 2M
Silver New McCashins Stoke Pilsner
Silver New Sharp's Single Brew Reserve 2012
Silver New Sharp's Spiced Red
Silver New Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale
Silver New Shepherd Neame Double Stout
Silver New Wild Modus Operandi
Silver Repackaged Hook Norton Double Stout
Silver Repackaged Keltek King
Silver Repackaged St Austell Tribute
Bronze Established Fyne Sublime Stout
Bronze Established Moscow Khamovniki Munhenskoe
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Cinder Bock
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Dark Depths
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Fat Jack
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Griffin's Bow
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Imperial White Ale
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Merry Mischief
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Norse Legend
Bronze Established Samuel Adams Veloren
Bronze Established Sharp's Honey Spice Tripel
Bronze New CAP I'm Curious Double IPA
Bronze New CAP I'm Curious Imperial Stout
Bronze New Krisazece Ztote Pszeniczne
Bronze New Ksiazece Czerwony Lager
Bronze New Mac Mahon Laurentian Preta
Bronze New Redd's Apple
Bronze new Sharp's Dubbel Coffee Stout
Bronze New Taste the Difference IPA
Bronze New Tyskie Klasyczne
Bronze New Wadworth Beer Kitchen Orange Peel
Bronze New Wild Ninkasi
Bronze Repackaged Arbor Breakfast Stout
Bronze Repackaged Box Steam Funnel Blower
Bronze Repackaged Brakspear Oxford Gold
Bronze Repackaged Hook Norton Flagship
Bronze Repackaged Hook Norton Haymaker
Bronze Repackaged Hook Norton Hooky Bitter
Bronze Repackaged Hook Norton Hooky Gold
Bronze Repackaged Hook Norton Old Hooky

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